2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé  Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006

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Lot 617
2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé
Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006

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2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé
Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006


  • Holder of the Guinness World Record as builder of the fastest production car, the Swedish firm of Koenigsegg succeeded - against all the odds - in establishing itself in the front rank of supercar manufacturers within a decade of its foundation. Among UK motoring enthusiasts Koenigsegg is now a household name, thanks to its setting a new lap record on BBC Television’s Top Gear programme in 2006, ahead of all contemporary supercars.
    The company was founded in 1994 by sports car enthusiast Christian von Koenigsegg, who was running a successful import/export business at the time. His aim was nothing less than the creation of the ultimate performance car, where no technical solution would be deemed too difficult. Christian himself drew up the initial layout and in those days he even hand-modelled everything himself, together with a few friends who helped out for meagre wages. Nowadays, of course, the company has its own R&D department boasting state-of-the-art equipment, but in the beginning inspiration, enthusiasm and imagination had to suffice. Incredibly, the first prototype was completed in 1996, only two years after the project had commenced.
    Rather like its cars, the Koenigsegg company moved at a record pace and in 2002 began series production of the CC8S model, which was crash-tested and homologated for sale in Europe. The CC8S’s arrival demonstrated that it was indeed possible for a passionate, dedicated young manufacturer to compete with the older, long-established supercar brands.
    After a fire at its original premises, Koenigsegg relocated in 2003 to its present location and headquarters: a former fighter jet facility that had previously belonged to the Swedish Air Force. Along with the buildings came a 1.7km runway, which turned out to be perfect for high-speed testing. Since the runway is 50 metres wide it can also serve as a test track. Many Koenigsegg customers have enjoyed landing their private jets just outside the factory gates, and there is also a heli-pad in front of the main entrance.
    In the spring of 2004 Koenigsegg launched the CCR, a supercar that surpassed all others, breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest production road car, which until then had been held by the McLaren F1. In 2006 a Koenigsegg CCX set fastest lap in the now famous Top Gear programme, and then the following year Koenigsegg launched the CCXR: a 1,018bhp version of the CCX capable of running on environmentally friendlier E85 fuel. This pioneering development made it the world’s first ‘green’ supercar, but Koenigsegg was not done with record breaking yet, setting a new 0-300-0km/h record of just 29 seconds with a CCX earlier this year. Although built to excel on the racetrack, the Koenigsegg is nevertheless a comfortable means of high-speed long-distance travelling.
    The car offered here is the official Spanish Koenigsegg importer’s CC8S demonstrator and has never been registered to a private owner. The CC8S’s chassis is a semi monocoque made of pre-impregnated carbon fibre, with honeycomb reinforcements for added stiffness. Suspension is independent all round by means of double wishbones, complemented by VPS adjustable racing shock absorbers. Ride height is electronically adjustable. Made of pre-impregnated carbon fibre/Kevlar with lightweight hard-foam sandwich reinforcements, the two-seat body features a removable hardtop, which is stowable within the front luggage compartment. A low coefficient of drag is vital for any vehicle built to exceed 200mph, and the Koenigsegg’s is a remarkable 0.297.
    The heart of any supercar is its engine, and the CC8S’s is a supercharged 4.7-litre quad-cam V8 producing 650bhp in standard trim, 750bhp in the case of this particular example’s factory-enhanced unit. These 750 horses reach the road via a Cima-developed six-speed gearbox and torque-sensitive limited-slip differential. The performance figures are nothing less than sensational: 0-100km/h (62mph) in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of up to 396km/h (246mph) being quoted. Needless to say, the Koenigsegg is equipped in a manner one would expect of a car that today costs in the region of €685,000 (approximately £560,000) before VAT (CCX), with many features as standard that competitors have as options. The current delivery time is 12 months.
    Manufactured in June 2004, the car we offer has covered only 6,020 kilometres (approximately 3,700 miles) from new and was fully serviced during the last week of October 2008 by authorised Koenigsegg technicians. Ready for delivery and in perfect condition, it represents a wonderful oppurtunity to acquire a pristine example of the ultimate supercar at a mere fraction of its cost new.

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2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé  Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006
2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé  Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006
2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé  Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006
2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé  Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006
2004 Koenigsegg CC8S Coupé  Chassis no. YT9M1GV8D2007006
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