The first edition of four of the Salvador Dali 'Clot' Collection. This lot comprises of 44 sculptures to be sold as one lot.

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Lot 56W
The first edition of four of the Salvador Dali 'Clot' Collection. This lot comprises of 44 sculptures to be sold as one lot.

£ 800,000 - 1,000,000US$ 1,000,000 - 1,300,000
The following lots form a collection of 44 pieces of sculpture that will be sold under lot 56
The first edition of four of the Salvador Dali 'Clot' Collection. This lot comprises of 44 sculptures to be sold as one lot.


  • Private European Collection

    These sculptures are accompanied by two certificates of authenticity. The first issued in September 2003 from the Diejasa Foundry by Andrés Campos and the second from Robert Descharnes, dated 12th October 2003.

    The forty four works presented on the following pages which comprise the Clot collection were all created by the swimming pool at Dalí's house in Port Lligat in Spain. Dalí modelled the wax for the sculptures during the Dalí summer when it was hot thus making the wax soft and malleable. When Dalí finished, they were later cast in bronze by his friend Isidro Clot who ran the foundry Diejasa together with his son in law Adrian Campos. What is so special about the collection offered here is that its edition no 1 of a series of 4. Each sculpture is inscribed with a 'd' as well as being signed ’Dalí ‘and numbered 1/4. There were later editions produced and in monumental sizes some of which can be seen in the Museo Real Circulo Artistico Real in Barcelona and on the sea side promenade known as Paseo del Mar in Marbella.

    Dalí's friend and acknowledged Dalí expert, Robert Descharnes in his book 'The hard and the soft' describes the process of creating the sculptures: 'As a friend of the couple I could stay at Dalí's side chatting non stop while his hands created the pieces of the collection. For this work as a sculptor, Dalí adopted a ritual: a precise hour of the day outside his atelier, if possible under the sun. And so each afternoon, past midday, Dalí put down his brush and left the atelier for the swimming pool. There comfortably installed in the depression of an enormous bean bag, Dalí shaped and modelled until it was time to join Gala for a lunch of grilled fish'.

    The hot summer sun heated the wax which was approximately two cm thick by fifteen cm long that awaited rolled up. The wax came from Sennelier, a shop on the Quai Voltaire near the Louvre in Paris. Isidro Clot, a Catalan art lover who befriended Dalí signed a contract with Dalí in 1973 to produce a series of bronzes from the original wax models. The foundry company Diejasa initially produced a series of four. Many of the pieces were later cast in monumental sizes, it was a fascination of Dalí‘s to produce works in epic sizes.

    The Clot collection represents a cultural history covering many centuries. In the first thirty years of the 20th Century the young Dalí acquired knowledge through studying the famous Greek canons of the human body. He revelled for example in creating a figure of Aphrodite or of a Apollo riding his chariot. Dali's fascination with Antiquity can be seen in the 'Triton and the dolphin', the 'Icarus', the 'Apollo and his muses', 'Mercury' and the 'Emperor Trajan' and of course 'Perseus'.

    Along with his admiration of antiquity, were Dalí's studies of themes from Christianity. In the collection we have a 'Pieta', 'Saint George', 'St Sebastian' and 'St John'. All these are rendered in his highly mannerist technique. A third major interest for Dalí's was his love of his homeland, Spain. He once said 'The entire Iberian peninsula is the greatest freight train of western thought.' Dalí was fascinated with Don Quixote, a sculpture of whom is in the collection, 'St Teresa of Avila' is also represented along with 'San Narciso', the Catalan bishop depicted as 'The miracle of the flies'. The 'Carmen with Castanets' shows the archetypal Flamenco dancer an enduring symbol of Spain.

    The fourth theme for Dalí represented in the Clot collection is of course Dalí’s muse and lover Gala. She is represented as ‘Goddess,’ ‘The Madonna of Port Lligat’ and ‘Lady in the window’ also as ‘Victorious angel’ (two of these are represented on the front cover of the catalogue)

    The Clot collection is unique in Dali's oeuvre in that it manages to show all his interests in a most personal accessible way. It is also special because it literally shows Dali's personal touch - the mark of his fingers in the wax which have been transferred magnificently to the bronze surface.The sheer variety of the sculptures are as important as Dali's wide palette in his paintings.

    All the Clot collection was produced between 1971-1981. During this period Dalí was suffering from Parkinson's disease and Gala's health too was delicate. As well as the connection with Clot there was another driving force in the creation of the Clot collection, Enrique Sabater,an ex footballer. Sabater had found a client in Madrid who had fallen in love with the sculptures. Over a period of seven years this collector acquired nearly all of Dalí 's original wax sculptures. It’s fair to say Sabater actively encouraged Dalí to finish the collection driven perhaps in part by the commission he would receive, by arranging the sale of the original wax sculptures.

    Although Dalí 's hands were sometimes a little unsteady in the creation of the collection they truly represent the mature and classical Dalí. The sculptures represent an overview of his life. Importantly they are the only three dimensional objects which can be justly described as original Dalí sculptures because he was so closely involved with their casting. Therefore to acquire the first edition of an edition of four represented on these pages is a rare opportunity.
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