THOMAS HOPE (1769-1831) Letters to J.Flaxman M.S

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Lot 143
THOMAS HOPE (1769-1831) Letters to J.Flaxman M.S

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Property from the family of Thomas Hope
THOMAS HOPE (1769-1831) Letters to J.Flaxman M.S
A collection of letters from Thomas Hope, the designer to John Flaxman (1755-1826), the English sculptor and draughtsman, bound in red Morocco leather


  • Provenance: The family of Thomas Hope (1769-1831):
    Thomas Hope's son Adrian John Hope (1811-1863) and thence by descent to his son:
    Adrian Elias Hope (1845-1919) and thence by descent to his daughter Mildred Astley Smith and thence by descent to her nephew:
    John de Lisle and thence by descent to his son:
    Everard de Lisle and thence by descent to the vendor.

    Letter 1:

    Mr Flaxman is desired to make for Mr Hope a group of the Torso as in the Vatican restored with the figure of Hebe for the price of seven hundred guineas. One third of this sum to be paid when required one third when the work is half finished and the remainder after the whole shall be finished.
    ? 17 Feb 1792?
    Thomas Hope

    One third of the above mentioned sum to be paid by Mr Thos Jenkins in Rome and the remainder by Messrs Harman Hoare & Co in London
    ? 12 April 1792?
    Thomas Hope

    Letter 2:

    Duchess St 19 January 1804

    My Dear Sir

    My head is not disposed for fractions this morning. Besides give me leave to observe you charge nothing for what is of greatest value to you (perhaps because invaluable) time lost in my behalf.

    At your leisure & convenience will you be kind enough to send me a receipt, merely to assist my memory in my account & prevent my troubling you again on the same subject.

    Believe me ever with the most perfect regard Dear Sir Yr most humble servant,
    Tho. Hope

    Letter 4: 1807

    My Dear Sir

    A thousand thanks to you for your beautiful sketches. The one with the child on the cippus & the Mother presenting herself in front, is precisely the thing I wished. I hope Dubost, if he should execute it, will not let the delightful simplicity & sentiment of it evaporate in an affectation of grace & refinement.

    I shall not enpartiate? On all the highly flattering things you say, My Dear Sir on the subject of my work. All these merits I can only find in your note, & attribute to your friendly & indulgent but presupposed eye--I find them not in the performance. Indeed I have determined never to cast eyes upon it again. For now that the flurry of the collecting the materials is over--now that I have nothing to do but to examine at leisure what is done & cannot be undone, I every instant discover new faults & find the few excellencies with which I thought them intermined disappear--This however has one advantage--it prepares me for all that others may say & think on the subject.

    Believe me ever My Dear Sir Most truly & faithfully yrs,
    Tho. Hope

    Letter 5:

    My dear Sir

    I dare not flatter myself a word from me, or even the most pressing felicitations would have any weight with Sir Frances Baring on the subject you mention to me; And in his situation & with his numerous relations connections & friends he must daily be in the case of having, and of refusing similar applications all therefore I could presume to do would be to state the plain case, and this cannot be better done than in your own words, I have enclosed your letter to my cousin Mr Henry Hope who has more frequent communication with Sir F. Baring than myself; requesting him to impart my letter to him. If Sir Francis is enabled to be of use to you on your own account, for whom he has so great a regard & esteem, rather than on mine--since like himself it is only through you and in consequence of that interest I feel in every person related to you, that I can feel particularly interested for the success of your cousin.

    Mrs Hope desires to be most kindly remembered to you--Adieu My Dear Sir excuse the hurry of this scrawl as my brother is waiting to take it to town & believe me ever most truly & sincerely Yrs, Tho. Hope

    Upper Gatton
    July 11 1808

    Letter 6:
    The Deepdene 30 September 1829

    My Dear Sir

    Mr A Schlegel, whom you no doubt know by reputation as an eminent German author and Critic; who is now in England for the purpose of extending the knowledge of the Eastern languages & particularly the Sanscrit, and who not only entertains a due and admiration of your genius but has been among the foremost to celebrate and to a knowledge of its productions in Germany. ? Anxious to be introduced to you & converse with you, and to be admitted to a sight of the treasures of your study. Allow me therefore to trouble you with these few lines for that purpose and believe me with the greatest regard
    Dear Sir Your old admirer and obliged ??
    Tho. Hope

    Letter 7:

    I am but this minute returned from the country. I really am very sorry I am not a subscriber to the hospital at Bath. It never occurred to me; & I never had any application for it before, to put me in mind of becoming so. I shall enquire among my friends whether any one of them is.
    My dear Sir for most truly and faithfully yours
    Tho. Hope

    Letter 8:

    Dear Ladies

    If I had been well enough I should have done myself the honor of calling to pay my respects to you, and ta? see & admire the drawings of Mr Flaxman, my old friend whom I never cease regretting But I have been very unwell of late. I however hope to see Lady Sydney and shall try through her means to obtain that His majesty will graciously permit his name to be put down as Patron to a work that must do honor to the arts of our country.

    Believe me ever Dear Ladies Your most obedient & humble servant
    Tho. Hope

    Duchess St 8 Nov 1830

    Hope-Flaxman Letter 3:

    My Dear Sir

    Give me leave to send you to request your acceptance of one of the copies of my work which I reserved for myself. I should say, of your work: for if there be anything good in it, it is owing to your kind precepts & advice, the imperfections only are mine.

    I cannot do things handsomely--this note is only the vehicle to a new favor I am going to request. Mrs Hope wishes to have a small picture done of her, with her child. The idea is for her to stand playing with him--he seated on a little pedestal or cippus, on which she is holding or steadying him with one hand--while with the other, she is holding up to him, some toy tapes, or other shining object of her garment, which attracts his attention. The child is to be naked.

    Now, my dear Sir, I dare trust nobody with the general idea & composition of such a natural subject but yourself--would you, out of the vast stores of delightful ideas of that species with which your imagination to replete, draw one a sketch, or trace it on paper, so as to serve as a general outline for the artist to follow & to adhere to, you would confer on me the greatest favor. I should have called in person to make the request, but we only came to town the day before yesterday, are going out of town again the day after tomorrow--& I have so many nothings to do that I have not found a moment to allow myself that pleasure. It is Dubost who is going to attempt the subject in question & he is to come and spend a few days with us at Gatton for the purpose.

    Excuse this new liberty I take & believe me ever with as much gratitude & regard.
    My dear Sir most truly & faithfully Yrs
    Tho. Hope

    Duchess St 15 July 1807
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