The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700

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The Dearborn Award-Winning, 1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup
Chassis no. 2891700

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The Dearborn Award-Winning
1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup
Chassis no. 2891700
Pre-war pickup trucks are exceptionally rare and highly desirable, particularly the fat-fendered Fords of the period just before the war.

The physical size of America’s geography, its daunting distances and a road network that only slowly caught up with the spread of its population made motorized transportation an essential element in knitting the country together and integrating its far-flung farmers, ranchers and prospectors with the rapidly-growing urban areas. The growth of large-scale manufacturing encouraged people to cluster around factories and transportation hubs where there was work but at the same time it created, in the automobiles and railroads that joined the country’s coastlines, the means for bringing the country together.

Automobiles came first, but pickups have been a mainstay of American automobile manufacturers almost since the beginning of the industry. They served a uniquely American function, doing light hauling on farms, orchards and ranches, then transporting families and products from their dispersed homes to market towns and taking manufactured and processed goods back home.

Ford had served this market consistently from the days of the Model T and frequently offered a smaller, more economical, four-cylinder engine to meet the needs of thrifty agriculturalists. Based upon Ford’s Standard automobiles, its pickups were practical, utilitarian but also had a modicum of style and comfort. The flathead V-8 engine served the pickup market well but in both light trucks and automobiles Edsel Ford had long felt the market needed Ford to produce a 6-cylinder engine. No less powerful, a six was smoother. The issues of the longer crankshaft (and seeming to copy Chevrolet) which had bothered Henry Ford in the early 30’s no longer were a concern and Edsel finally got his six in 1941.

Ford’s new six was surprisingly close in its specifications to the V-8. It displaced 226 cubic inches compared with the V-8’s 221. Its horsepower rating was identical, 90 horsepower, but the six delivered its maximum power at 3,300 rpm while the V-8 had to rev up to 3,800 rpm. The big difference came in torque where the nearly 1/2” longer stroke of the six cranked out 180 lb-ft at 2,000 rpm while the V-8 made 156 lb-ft at 2,200 rpm. The six was, then, ideal for light trucks, with 15% more torque and a $15 smaller price tag.

Surprisingly, then, it appears that very few Ford pickups were powered by the six-cylinder engine and almost none are known to survive, making the Hogan Ford Collection’s example a particularly rare and desirable vehicle.

Jack Hogan acquired it from Walt Schmeiser, a local owner, who had in turn gotten it from his brother-in-law, Richard F. Davis, Jr. Davis had bought it new in Oregon City, Oregon, making Jack Hogan only the third owner of this truck. Following its acquisition in exceptionally good, complete and sound original condition, Jack undertook a complete body off the frame restoration which was completed just last year. At the time of cataloging it had completed just 38.8 miles since the restoration.

This 1941 Ford 6-cylinder Pickup is finished in Lockhaven Green with Tacoma Cream accent and a Green vinyl interior. It is equipped with a single sidemount spare with spare tire lock, blackwall tires, a complete set of tools presented for show, chrome bumpers, locking gas cap, dual windshield wipers, oil filter, outside mirror, hat-type oil bath air cleaner and an internal rear view mirror. It comes with a six-cylinder repair manual and even has its original set of extra keys.

It has been displayed once, at the 2006 Early Ford V-8 Club Western Nationals in Tacoma where it scored 988 points and earned its first Dearborn Award. It is still in as-shown, pristine condition ready to earn another Dearborn Award and reach Dearborn Emeritus “Walkaround” status with the Club. It has not been shown elsewhere, giving its next owner the opportunity to show and trophy with it in numerous other venues.

This is one of the rarest vehicles in the Hogan Collection. It also is one of the freshest restorations and best crowd-pleasers.
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1941 Ford Model 11C Half-Ton Pickup  Chassis no. 2891700
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