The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750

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The Dearborn Award-Winning, 1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton
Chassis no. 32050750

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The Dearborn Award-Winning
1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton
Chassis no. 32050750
1936 was a transitional year for Ford as the Fords of the early Thirties began to give way to the more modern, comfortable and secure Fords of the late Thirties and early Forties.

One had only to look at the front of a 1936 Ford to see the evolution taking place. Only four years after the bluff and barely-streamlined 1932 Model 18, the sharply v-ed vertical element Ford grille now was placed firmly front and center. The horns had disappeared behind discrete round grilles on the catwalks that joined the hood and grille with the deeply crowned skirted front fenders that surrounded half of the front wheels’ circumference. The headlights were placed in body-color nacelles on catwalk-mounted pylons, as it turned out for the last year in a Ford, a styling element which was foreshadowed in the 1936 Lincoln-Zephyr.

Indicative of Ford’s rapid evolution in 1936 were the number of body styles offered. There were sixteen different styles (not counting Deluxe and Standard trim variations) and several important changes came during the year. Particularly important among these was the Club Cabriolet, a mid-year introduction with a larger passenger compartment that included usable rear seats under the convertible top. It foreshadowed the demise of the rumble seat in favor of four-season, all-weather convertibles with roll up windows.

The 4-passenger, 4-door Phaeton was nearly the lowest production Ford body style built in 1936. Only 5,555 were built and the Phaeton was offered only in Deluxe trim. The other low production 1936 Fords also were available only as Deluxe models, the Roadster (3,862 built) and the mid-year Club Cabriolet of which only 4,616 were turned out during its short availability.

Among collectors it is soft top automobiles that command far and away the most attention both for their style and for their suitability to the way today’s collectors use their cars. Phaetons like the Hogan Collection’s 1936 Deluxe are particularly appreciated for their beautiful lines, practicality and ability to accommodate an entire family and all the gear needed for a day’s touring within the passenger compartment.

This Phaeton has had not one but two Jack Hogan restorations and has been part of the Hogan Ford collection for years, first in partnership with Jack’s friends Dick Sykes and Al Sears and since 1980 on his own. The most recent restoration was completed some fifteen years ago and since then it has earned multiple awards including eight Early Ford V-8 Club Dearborn awards.

In 2000 it was one of five Fords from the collection which were displayed at the Early Ford V-8 Club’s meet in Dearborn, Michigan, all of them winning the Club’s Dearborn Award and this 1936 Phaeton earning the Club’s Grand National award and Dearborn Emeritus status in view of its many awards. It now has Early Ford V-8 Dearborn “Walkaround” status and is pictured sixteen times in the Club’s restoration publication.

It is finished in Washington Blue, one of the most popular colors for V-8 Fords, with Tacoma Cream striping, Brown leather interior and Heather cloth top and side curtains with Brown bindings to match the interior. The exterior is highlighted by stainless steel spider wheel covers, trim rings, double wide whitewalls, an enclosed rear-mounted spare, Greyhound hood ornament, wind wings and an outside mirror.

The style and appeal of a 1936 Ford Deluxe Phaeton is timeless and universal, attributes which are abundantly apparent in the Hogan Collection’s example which has been consistently judged among the best of the best.
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750
The Dearborn Award-Winning,1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Phaeton  Chassis no. 32050750
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