1,800 miles from new,2000 McLaren F1 LM F1/069  Chassis no. F1/069

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1,800 miles from new, 2000 McLaren F1 LM F1/069
Chassis no. F1/069

1,800 miles from new
2000 McLaren F1 LM F1/069
Chassis no. F1/069
Never has there been a more ingeniously conceived, painstakingly perfected nor more competitive production road/ racing car than the McLaren F1 and its GTR competition variants.

When McLaren Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray turned his attention to the production ‘supercar’ arena in 1988-89 it was obvious that the most inventive engineer in recent Grand Prix racing history would produce something special. With the financial, technical and developmental muscle of the TAG-McLaren Group behind him and his multi-talented team, the McLaren F1 emerged in 1993 as the world’s fastest production car ever - 241mph - the world’s first-ever practical three-seat, centre driving position high-performance coupé, and in 1995 the F1 GTR road-racing variant then achieved the most successful new-marque debut in the entire history of the Le Mans 24-Hour race classic, no fewer than five of the six F1 GTRs which started reaching the finish, to come home first, third, fourth, eighth and thirteenth.

Throughout this programme Gordon Murray and his tight-knit team at McLaren Cars knew that their F1 coupé was performing in a role for which it had intentionally never been designed. From the model’s inception Murray had set out to produce a pliable-suspension, comfortable road-going sports car which would at the same time be capable of the prodigious performance in fact delivered. He had made no concessions whatsoever to ultimate or parallel circuit-racing use, for which infinitely stiffer suspension, totally different suspension geometry and perhaps above all a smaller cockpit ‘greenhouse’ to enhance airflow to a full-width tail-top wing would have been developed from the beginning.

We understand that this particular car emerged new as a normal production McLaren F1 – insofar as a 241mph, centre-drive three-seater built to such peerless standards of quality and design could ever be described as anything so mundane as ‘normal’!

Car ‘F1/069’ offered here was one of the last McLaren F1s to be delivered ex-works, on February 29, 1998. As new its exterior colour was ‘Brilliant Silver’, with black interior upholstery. The car was fitted to the customer’s preference with an alarm, insurance tracking system and polished-alloy gear knob.

In May 1999, after recording 764 miles, the owner requested a change in specification. Earlier in 1999, McLaren had introduced the High Downforce Configuration for the F1 road car. This package borrowed heavily from the highly successful - indeed Le Mans-winning - 1995-96 F1 GTR competition variants, and it provided the standard road car with competition car levels of aerodynamic downforce. Simultaneously, a more overtly sporting appearance had been requested by some customers and accordingly ‘F1/069’ was fitted with 18” wheels and modified suspension settings, which were an option with the High Downforce configuration.

This car’s interior was also converted - featuring the latest up-rated air conditioning system, and re-trimmed with passenger seats similar to the F1 LM, but retaining the standard driver’s seat.

The car was subsequently sold to a purchaser in the USA and left McLaren Cars in January 2000, having been converted from RHD to LHD requirements (light change only) with a mileage of 924 miles. After leaving McLaren and before shipping to the USA, it was fitted with a non- standard exhaust system without catalytic converters, and with smaller silencers. This exhaust system is unlikely to meet noise or emission legislation in either Europe or the USA. The purchaser’s dealer shipped the car to the USA in February, 2000.

In May 2001 the car’s mileage was stated to be only 1,150 miles. Visually this most appealing McLaren F1 is a step towards the McLaren F1 LM special-edition model – of which only five were manufactured – and it matches that specification in several respects, the most fundamental difference being that it does not have the racing-derived LM engine and gearbox.

This is a very low mileage example of the world’s fastest production car – only some 1,800 miles being quoted by the present owner. The car is UK registered and has a current MoT roadworthiness certificate. Buyers are advised to please check with Bonhams before travelling to verify that the car has been delivered to the sale in time.

Cet exemplaire, châssis no. F1/ 069 fut l’un des derniers livré par McLaren le 29 février 1998. Sa couleur d’origine était ‘Brilliant Silver’, avec intérieur noir. Les options commandées par le propriétaire étaient: une alarme, un système de ‘tracking’ et un levier de vitesse en aluminium poli. En mai 1999, après avoir parcouru 764 miles, le propriétaire demande à ce que des améliorations soient apportées. Début 99, McLaren proposa aux propriétaires de F1 ‘standard’ le kit ‘High Downforce’ (pour plus d’appui). Ce kit s’inspirait en grande partie de la F1 GTR de 1995-96 – gagnante au Mans – avec des appendices aérodynamiques empruntés à cette dernière. ‘F1/ 069’ reçut au même moment des roues 18 pouces et de nouveaux réglages de suspensions, options additionnelles au kit ‘High Downforce’. Simultanément, la voiture fut équipée du nouveau système de climatisation et les sièges passagers fûrent remplacés par ceux du modèle ‘LM’ conservant son siège conducteur original. La voiture fut vendue aux Etats-Unis, elle quitta l’usine McLaren Cars en janvier 2000 totalisant alors 924 miles. Après son départ des ateliers et avant son envol pour les Etats-Unis, cette McLaren fut équipée d’une ligne d’échappement non-standard sans catalyseur et avec de petits silencieux. Cet exemplaire de la voiture de route la plus rapide du Monde, nous est reporté par son propriétaire comme n’ayant parcouru que 1’800 miles. La voiture est offerte aujourd’hui avec un titre de circulation anglais et son contrôle technique à jour.


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