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Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

The Jeweled Creations of Sidney Mobell
9 – 20 June 2023

San Francisco jeweller Sidney Mobell (1926 – 2022) used his incredible creativity, unconventional business sense, and 'Midas Touch' to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art, bringing joy and awe to those who beheld his bejewelled objects, which set him far apart from conventional jewellers. A firm favourite among both the San Francisco social set and Hollywood glitterati, clients included Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Danielle Steel, San Francisco Chief of Protocol Charlotte Shultz and Governor Gavin Newsom. It all began with a gold replica Mickey Mouse watch, which led to a commission from the Disney family. From then on, he released a gem-studded object every year for nearly 30 years, paying a keen mind to present culturally relevant objects of the day in a never-before-seen context. With an exceptional imagination, his works include a gold and gemstone-studded toilet, a gumball machine, a gold mousetrap, and a gold Monopoly set which was awarded a Guinness Book of World Records for the world's most expensive Monopoly game in 1998. His original gold Monopoly gameboard, along with several other of his works, are now housed in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. A joyful and innovative artist, Sidney patented jewelled art designs and created the iconic Diamond Hourglass, inspired by his late wife Ronni, which quickly became a signature Mobell jewel. Bonhams is honoured to present this single-owner online sale of cult-favorite objects and jewellery from Mobell's estate.

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