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Yuan Yuan (B. 1973) Conference image 1
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Lot 19
Yuan Yuan
(B. 1973)
27 May 2023, 16:00 HKT
Hong Kong, Admiralty

HK$800,000 - HK$1,200,000

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Yuan Yuan (B. 1973)


signed, titled and dated 2011 03 on the reverse; signed and dated 2011 on the side
oil on canvas

180 x 135 cm (70 7/8 x 53 1/8 in)


Private Collection, Asia
Sale: Christie's, Hong Kong, Asian Contemporary Art (Day Sale), 25 May 2014, Lot 587
Acquired from the above by the present owner

油彩 畫布

簽名:袁遠 會議 Y Yuan Conference 2011 03(背面)y yuan 2011(側面)


Yuan Yuan paints dreamlike dimensions and exotic locales. Meandering through the real and the imagined, his distinctive imageries made him a true original in Chinese contemporary art. Borrowing scenes from real life locations, his works often feature ruins and abandoned architecture as subject matters. By combining these actual settings with imagined elements and deconstructing their spatial relationships, Yuan synthesises new visual experiences with his paintings.

Conference depicts a stately interior space from a frontal perspective. Even though no one is present in the picture, viewers can deduce that a discussion took place here by the two opposing rows of chairs. In turn, they can also feel and contemplate the same issues concerning time and history. As the long table recedes in space, it guides viewers into this virtual room by utilising classic one-point perspective. The overall composition is symmetrical, yet it emphasises the contrast between light and shadow. This is most noticeable in the way objects are arranged along the two opposing sides. Yuan devoted much attention to the treatment of light: the window on the left acts as the primary light source. It is then reflected by the mirror, chandeliers, glass door, and other polished surfaces. The entire picture is filled with dazzling visual effects. Supposedly, the table cloth is smooth but opaque. Yet, Yuan's treatment makes the physical property of the fabric ambiguous. As though it is translucent, viewers are able to see the mosaic tiles underneath, and this perplexing quality makes its existence surreal. The circular decorative pattern on the floor forms an interesting geometric juxtaposition with the square tiles. The glare on the left corner of the table suggests that the space is illuminated by an external light source outside of the frame. At the same time, its brightness echoes the luminosity of the chandeliers on the ceiling. By applying a scratch technique on the painted surface, Yuan intentionally obscured certain details in the picture. This treatment is reminiscent of German painter Gerhard Richter's History Painting series and Abstract Painting series in which a sense of uncanniness permeates the atmosphere. From the overarching spatial construction to the minute interior details, Conference is conceived as a nested series of pictures. Within this intricate design, Yuan Yuan restores the gravitas and magnificence of the conference room to its former glory.



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