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Important works of art from an American private collection
Lot 805
Hand-Spun Linen II
Heisei era (1989-2019), 2009
22 March 2023, 10:00 EDT
New York

US$10,000 - US$15,000

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Hand-Spun Linen II
Heisei era (1989-2019), 2009
Hand-spun indigo-dyed linen
Supported on two steel poles; custom-made cardboard storage box with label inscribed Okunzakkuri-II 2009 (Hand-Spun Linen II 2009), signed Fukumoto Shihoko and sealed Shihoko
67 3/8 x 36 1/4in (171 x 92cm)


One of Kyoto's leading textile artists, for fifty years Fukumoto Shihoko (mother of Fukumoto Fuku, see preceding lot) has created luminous wall hangings using the hallowed Japanese aizome (indigo-dyed) technique, in colors that range from an intense, almost black blue to delicate cerulean shades conveying a sense of early sunlight shimmering through morning mist. For this hanging, she brushed the dyed linen while it was still wet, raising its nap to create a textured finish.

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