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Early Militaria Collections / William or William & Mary Pistol

Lot 4
William or William & Mary Pistol
Suhl, Germany, c. 1700
28 September 2022, 10:00 EDT
Skinner Marlborough

US$4,000 - US$6,000

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William or William & Mary Pistol
Suhl, Germany, c. 1700

13 1/2 in., .68 caliber octagon to round barrel with wedding band transition and narrow blade front sight; unbridled curved and convex surface lock with cypher engraved on the pointed tail, a star-shaped mark between the upper leaf and finial of the steel spring, the inside unmarked, mainspring as a "V" assembly number; walnut stock with carved plateaus around the breech plug tang, lock mortice, side plate and rammer channel, marked "12" and "21" adjacent to the trigger guard, lock mortice marked with a "V" and "IIIIX" assembly numbers; iron furniture including a butt cap with long ears, trigger guard with pointed finial "S" side plate and single sheet iron rammer pipe; wood rammer.
Overall lg. 21 1/2 in.


A nearly identical example of this pistol is illustrated and described in Robert Brooker, British Military Pistols and Associated Edged Weapons, (Robert Brooker, 2016), p. 52.

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