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Sidney Nolan / Sidney Nolan (1917-1992) Abstract, c.1938 21.5 x 33.0cm (8 1/4 x 13in). (sheet size)

Lot 6
Sidney Nolan
Abstract, c.1938 21.5 x 33.0cm (8 1/4 x 13in). (sheet size)
23 August 2022, 18:00 AEST

AU$2,000 - AU$3,000

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Sidney Nolan (1917-1992)

Abstract, c.1938
monotype on paper
21.5 x 33.0cm (8 1/4 x 13in). (sheet size)


Sir Sidney Nolan, United Kingdom, until 1992
Lady Nolan, United Kingdom, until 2016
The Estate of Lady Nolan, United Kingdom

Similar works dating to c.1939 are in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (two examples); National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (one example), Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne (five examples) and the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (two examples).

For published examples of early abstract monotypes, see:
Sidney Nolan: Works on Paper Retrospective, 1980-81, cat. 12
Sidney Nolan: Landscapes and Legends, Retrospective Exhibition, 1987-88, p. 36
Sidney Nolan Drawings, National Gallery of Australia, 1989, pp. 13, 16 & 17

Nolan's small-scale abstracts of 1938-39 were of intense importance to him. In 1939 he submitted a tiny abstract on board, Head of Rimbaud, to the inaugural exhibition of the Contemporary Art Society in Melbourne. It was rejected by the committee and only John Reed's intercession forced it to be hung. It is now in the collection of Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne.

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