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Lot 15
Dome-Home by Fosters + Partners
29 May 2022, 15:30 BST
Chichester, Goodwood

Sold for £4,600

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Dome-Home by Fosters + Partners

The Foster + Partners designed kennel, the Dome-Home, features a geodesic shell structure inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller, a celebrated and award-winning architect and scientist from America. Constructed from engineered cherry wood, it reimagines canine luxury, creating a splendid kennel for our four-legged friends. A celebration of craftmanship and fine timberwork, it was hand-built by master furniture maker, Benchmark, founded by craftsman, Sean Sutcliffe and designer, Terence Conran. The care and attention of their work brings an energy and integrity to the Dome-Home, making this kennel truly unique. The bowl-shaped interior has a flexible, removable padded fabric liner that closely follows the geometry of the shell, creating a snug yet practical interior for any canine resident.

Size: Length 1000mm, Height 900mm, Width 1000mm
Approximate weight: 20kg

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