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Cabinet of Curiosities: Natural History, Entomology and Minerals / Dent de tyrannosaure Tyrannosaurid Tooth

Lot 6
Dent de tyrannosaure

Tyrannosaurid Tooth
21 September 2022, 14:00 CEST

Sold for €5,737.50 inc. premium

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Dent de tyrannosaure

Tyrannosaurid Tooth

Daspletosaurus (undescribed species)
Late Cretaceous - Late Campanian
Upper Two Medicine Formation, Near Choteau, Montana, USA

Daspletosaurus was a huge tyrannosaurid (and a likely ancestor of T. rex, which appeared millions of years later.) It measured up to 30 feet in length but was much more lightly-built than T. rex, with an estimated body weight of approximately 3600 kilos. While it was much smaller than T. rex overall, it possessed huge teeth, as did T. rex. Daspletosaurus' teeth, however, are thin and blade-like, meaning that they are laterally compressed relative to T. rex's, which are fat and spike-like. This difference suggests that Daspletosaurus employed a different hunting style than T. rex. While T. rex was an ambush predator, Daspletosaurus was likely a very agile and swift pursuit hunter, as evidenced by its lighter build, its much more powerful arms and bigger hand claws. Also, the thinner, blade-like teeth of Daspletosaurus would have been more effective in attacks of surgical precision, very unlike the typical brute force attack technique employed by T. rex. The present example exhibits crisp serrations. The natural color of this lower mandible tooth is a marvelous reddish-brown giving the tooth a stunningly unique appearance. Height 8 cm. Outer edge length 9 cm. Circumference at base: 9.5 cm

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