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Coldie X John Van Hamersveld / Coldie x John Van Hamersveld (America, Born 1982; Born 1941) The Unfolding Dream Master
Lot 8
Coldie x John Van Hamersveld
(America, Born 1982; Born 1941)
The Unfolding Dream: Master
Online only
23 November – 10 December 2021, 12:00 EST
New York

Sold for US$150,312.50 inc. premium

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Coldie x John Van Hamersveld (America, Born 1982; Born 1941)

The Unfolding Dream: Master .
Non-Fungible Token ERC-721
Token ID: 4310
Dynamic NFT
Minted on Async, 23rd November 2021
Smart Contract Address: 0xb6dAe651468E9593E4581705a09c10A76AC1e0c8

The present work and its associated layers can be previewed and adjusted on the Bonhams' profile on Async via this link

Live feed of the artwork in it's current state


The present work has been minted on Async Art, a platform presenting dynamic, interactive digital art. The artworks on Async are divided into a master image, and separately ownable 'layers', with owners able to make adjustments in those layers to effect the overall image. Upon owning a layer, you get to control its state and therefore influence the overall makeup of the artwork

The Async explorer tool allows you to preview potential state changes and can be found here:

Collaborative interactive artwork by Coldie and John Van Hamersveld, this composition explores the shared life experiences of both artists as they come together in a highly customizable, living art format. This artwork was created in real-time for the Bonham's auction in November 2021. Elements of this project were captured days prior to minting the artwork including New York City landscapes captured by Coldie. We believe that important experiences can be from long ago as well as a day ago and they hold the same historical significance. The visual vernacular of John Van Hamersveld shares both a realistic and surrealistic vision of what is possible in the real world, as well as the dream world.

The artwork created is meant to bring the viewer and collector inside of our shared dream reality and allow for the story to be visually told through the collector who owns each layer. The variety of options give the opportunity for the layer owner to express their current feelings about the artwork and share in real-time how it affects the total artwork.

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