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Meteorites, Tektites and Impact Memorabilia / BUR-ABOR, AN INCOMPARABLE METEORITE SPECIMEN - MAIN MASS

Lot 11
18 – 28 May 2021, 10:00 PDT
Los Angeles

US$600,000 - US$800,000

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Iron, medium octahedrite IIIAB
Northeastern Province, Kenya

A thrilling 600-pound main mass, the Bur-Abor meteorite main mass may arguably be classed at the top of all large iron meteorites to be offered at auction. Bur-Abor was found in Northeastern Kenya in a local family's garden, after it fell on Nov. 27, 1997. Considered an unwitnessed fall, Bur-Abor boasts numerous distinguished qualities.

The present main mass is replete with regmaglypts and large scoops while also displaying the rarely seen feature of orientation. These distinctive features were caused by ablation as the meteorite coursed through Earth's atmosphere. One can see the surface area where elongated, parallel thumbprints indicate oriented flight, which melted grooves into the surface, mirroring each other in shape and size. Created by millions of years in the heavy metal core of an asteroid, it weighs a massive 274 kilograms and has never been cleaned or wire brushed; its appearance is exactly as it was the day it was found.

After its discovery, a portion of Bur-Abor was taken to the Natural History Museum in London. The present offering is the main mass. Iron meteorites of this size and beauty are generally only seen in world renowned museums and a few university display collections. The magnificent piece is offered on a rotating custom steel stand. Weighing 274 kilograms (602.8 lbs) and measuring 81.28 x 50.8 x 38.1 centimeters (32 x 20 x 15 in)


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Saleroom notices

Please note this correction to the catalog text: Bur-Abor was found in 1997 and was subsequently determined not to be a witnessed fall.

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