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Lot 141
A Marlon Brando Collection of scripts, letters, and notes for Apocalypse Now
8 June 2021, 11:00 PDT
Los Angeles

Sold for US$100,312.50 inc. premium

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A Marlon Brando Collection of scripts, letters, and notes for Apocalypse Now

United Artists, 1979. Comprising a script dated July 26, 1976, 163 pp, mimeographed typescript, with paper covers printed, "APOCALYPSE NOW"; a quantity of call sheets, various dates September 1 - October 7, 1976, inscribed with notes in an unknown hand; a typescript letter, signed, from Francis Ford Coppola to Brando [n.d. but likely mid-1976], the letter apologizing for being elusive but with Coppola excusing himself by explaining, "I was so anxious to get the script done, and solve all it's problems." Coppola goes on to tell Brando how he is re-working the character of Leighley [Kurtz] in the film: "What I tried to do and am still working on was to rethink the character of Leighley from a doped-up madman, to a sincere, rational -- maybe even great officer who finds himself totally at odds with the Generals in command, and gives way to his own instincts about the way to wage this war ... Leighley is an extraordinary man, because he always tells the truth ... ." Coppola expresses his hopes for what his film can achieve: "I guess that's what this movie is really about. About facing the truth, and then rising beyond it. We will never get past Vietnam if we sweep it under the carpet -- we must face it, head on, as ugly and horryible [sic] as it will seem out in the open. And then by facing it, we can put it behind us ..." He ends on a positive note: "I have an open mind and a hunger to make this be good, and to move people, and to help put this war in perspective ... I really think your help at this point will push me where I want to go. Please don't worry about anything, nothing is impossible, and together we can accomplish anything, even make a movie about Vietnam ... ," 1 p; a collection of Brando's typescript notes on the character of Kurtz and the film, likely late 1976, various notes include: "Possibly a scene of him talking to himself or several scenes of this only to find that he's talking in to a tape recorder 10 ft. away ... possible conscientious objector ... we have to see his conversion not hear about it! ... It's a percentage game. War always is. Cites Churchill's allowance of Coventry to be bombed because of need to not let German know they had broken the code ...," 17 pp; 13 black-and-white stills of Brando as Kurtz or on set with Coppola or Sheen; three limited edition promotional blankets, appliquéd "Francis Coppola's Apocalypse Now," 97, 98 or 99/600; and related material.
Provenance: Christie's, The Personal Property of Marlon Brando, June 30, 2005, Lot 230.
Script: 11.5 x 9.25 in.: stills: 8 x 10 in.

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