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Lot 175
An original sound disc from The Phantom of the Opera 1929 reissue
11 – 18 December 2019, 10:00 PST
Online, Los Angeles

US$1,000 - US$1,500

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An original sound disc from The Phantom of the Opera 1929 reissue

Universal Pictures, 1929. A 33-1/3 RPM disc for reels #5 and #7 of the 1929 reissued part-sound version, with the disc labels inscribed, "Reel #7 [#5 on reverse side] / The Phantom of the Opera / Production #5019 / Universal Pictures Corporation / Pressed by / Victor Talking Machine Co.," matted and framed. In 1929, taking advantage of the advent of sound, The Phantom of the Opera was re-released (though only partly in sound) with added and subtracted scenes from the original and some recasting. The filmmakers recorded sound and stored it on vinyl discs which were synchronized to the film. Over time, many of these discs were lost or thrown out because of overuse, making this particular lot a rare treasure. Interestingly, the version of this film that most people have seen is not the original 1925 version, but a silent version of the 1929 sound reissue, a confusing concept.
Provenance: the estate of Wes Shank.
Overall: 22.5 x 22.5 x 1.5 in.; within mat: diameter 15.5 in.

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