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The Craftsman's Eye

Netsuke and traditional Accessories from the Personal Collection of Jack Coutu (1924-2017) (online-only sale)
25 November – 9 December 2019

Jack Coutu, ARE, ARCA (1924-2017) was a distinguished consummate English printmaker, sculptor, engraver, etcher, watercolourist and teacher who became fascinated with Japanese netsuke and began producing netsuke, pipe-cases and inro in the 1970s. As can be seen in the pieces included in this sale, he favoured boar-tusk and boxwood as his preferred media, but also frequently experimented with other materials such as stag-antler, silver and lacquer. In private, he was somewhat reserved and, as reflected in his notes on his reference cards, modest and self-deprecatory. We are very pleased to offer another selection of his work in this online-only auction.

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