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Whisky / Yamazaki-1979-RF1037

Lot 458
山崎 Yamazaki-1979-#RF1037
24 December – 20 January 2019, 20:00 HKT
Hong Kong, Admiralty

Sold for HK$110,250 inc. premium

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山崎 Yamazaki-1979-#RF1037
Distilled May 1979, Bottled September 2008. Distilled and Bottled at Yamazaki Distillery
Bottle number 13 of 294. Cask no. RF1037, Mizunara Cask. In wooden presentation case. Good label. Level: into neck. "...Nose: it's the oak that's rather louder here, not that it's plankish whisky of course but there are rather big notes of black tea, coconut indeed, marzipan, plain wood (newly broken branches), cinnamon and a faint sourness in the background (ale and mead – a lot of mead). With water: it's nice but the oak really shines through now. Damp wood, pencil shavings... It's quite beautiful if you like those notes but it may all be a little excessive. Mouth (neat): excellent fruity attack, rich, wide, creamy, with the oak being rather louder than in the other ones yet again. That translates into more cinnamon and tea as often but on the other hand, it's as citrusy as the 1984. It's even a little acidic, in a very nice way (lemon). Great body at almost 30 years of age!" (4.5 Stars-Whiskyfun)

「......酒香:其橡木香氣較濃,並非因為酒體厚重,而是底蘊裡有豐富的紅茶、椰子、杏仁糖膏、木頭(新折斷的樹枝)、肉桂和淡淡的酸香(麥芽啤酒和蜂蜜酒——很多蜂蜜酒)。加水:不錯,橡木味現在真的很突出。濕木、鉛筆屑......如果你喜歡這些氣味,它相當美妙,但可能有點太濃烈。口味(淨飲):果味極佳,濃郁寬厚,順滑,橡木味再次比其他酒强烈,如常會透出更多的肉桂和茶味;另一方面,它如1984年的出品,柑橘味濃郁,甚至有點酸,是非常好的味道(檸檬)。將近30年陳釀擁有的美妙酒體!」( Whiskyfun:4.5星)
700ml. Single Malt., 55% volume.
1 bottle

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