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Property of the Estate of Ruth K. Belikove, Alameda, California, Lots 173-185
Lot 179
A Navajo Bisti pictorial rug
4 December 2017, 11:00 PST
San Francisco

Sold for US$27,500 inc. premium

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A Navajo Bisti pictorial rug

Woven in a remarkably ornate pattern with sunburst-diamond medallion and complements, Yei heads appear about the center, cornstalks rising from a pair of lozenges resembling abstract bird motifs, stylized floriforms and other geometric filler devices, all within a wide colorful border.
size approximately 10ft 3in x 6ft 2in


Belikove, Ruth K., Jewels of the Navajo Loom: The Rugs of Teec Nos Pos, 2003, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, p. 35: "This type of rug is generally included in the Teec category but exhibits elements from the area of the Crystal Trading Post. The circular and rosette shapes, along with the overall complexity of the design, required the skill of a master weaver. Note the two Yei figures in the center medallion. circa 1920-35". In spite of the Teec Nos Pos attribution in the exhibition catalogue, current scholarship points to a Bisti origin as the greater likelihood.

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