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Lot 304
A Great Lakes presentation pipe tomahawk
19 June 2017, 11:00 PDT
San Francisco

US$20,000 - US$30,000

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A Great Lakes presentation pipe tomahawk

The blade engraved and with brass inlay accents, a hunting scene on one side, an Indian attacking a white man on the other, the hallmark "MB" set in brass, the removable bowl with rifled interior, the elliptical spear point tip similarly designed, decorated with cut-out punched decoration of circular motifs, set on a turned wood haft, the mouthpiece showing evidence of repeated use.
length 16 5/8in


Compares favorably
See Baldwin, John, Tomahawks and Pipe Axes of the American Frontier, 1995, Early American Artistry - Trading Company, West Olive, MI, p.21, fig.36, for a similar example, possibly by the same hand

One of only four known examples of this unique type of presentation pipe tomahawk have ever been documented in any museums or private collections: the Herrington Family collection (pictured in Baldwin's book); one in the collection of the British Museum; another example deaccessioned from the Erie County Historical Society and sold at auction in 2008; and the present example, deaccessioned from Great Lakes Fur Trade Museum and thence into private hands. It was attributed to an Ojibwa chief who was later killed at a fort by his own people, but the supporting documentation has been lost over time. While Baldwin's book dates the Herrington piece to 1840, he later amended that to 1800, a date which is supported by general consensus of a number of noted authorities.

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