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Lot 317
Property of a deceased's estate,c.1939 Triumph 350cc Tiger 80 Project
Frame no. TL947 Engine no. 9 T80 17183
26 April 2015, 12:00 BST
Stafford, Staffordshire County Showground

Sold for £3,450 inc. premium

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Property of a deceased's estate
c.1939 Triumph 350cc Tiger 80 Project
Frame no. TL947
Engine no. 9 T80 17183

Just as he had done at Ariel in the 1920s, Val Page transformed his employer's ageing range on his arrival at Triumph as Chief Designer in 1932. The new line-up comprised overhead-valve and sidevalve singles in capacities ranging from 250cc to 500cc, plus the range-topping 650cc 6/1 sidecar tug. Endowed with distinctive timing-gear covers - a feature Page would employ at BSA later in the decade - the engines were simple yet robust in construction and amenable to a fair degree of tuning in the case of the overhead-valve units. Edward Turner's arrival at Triumph in 1936 resulted in extensive improvements to the range. A brilliant stylist, Turner transformed the Page-designed overhead-valve singles by adopting sports specification engines, high level exhausts, chromed fuel tanks and a new name: 'Tiger'. Frames, forks, engines and gearboxes were all improved for 1937 and a trio of randomly selected Tigers successfully completed a series of arduous speed trails to secure the Maudes Trophy for Triumph later in the year. Today, Turner's Tigers are widely recognised as the most stylish sports roadsters of the period and thus are highly sought after. Partially restored and in primer, this incomplete Tiger 80 is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed. There are no documents with this Lot.

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