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Lot 1041
Prehistoric Whale Skull
19 November 2013, 13:00 EST
New York

Sold for US$77,500 inc. premium

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Prehistoric Whale Skull

Zygorhiza sp.
Late Eocene
Ocala Limestone, Dixie County, Florida

Closely related to the gigantic Basilosaurus, Zygorhiza possessed an unusually sleek, narrow body as well as the long head exemplified by the present specimen. An even more curious feature of this 44-42-million-year-old Archaeocete (ancient whale) is that its front flippers were hinged at the elbows, hinting at the potential of this prehistoric whale to have made its way onto land, perhaps to give birth to its young. Zygorhiza is the state fossil of Mississippi.

The present offering is one of the most complete skulls of this rare Eocene whale ever found. All teeth are original. Offered with the skull are approximately fifteen postcranial bones including the atlas/axis vertebrae, ten other vertebrae (mostly caudal), a partial humerus, radius, ulna and most of the sternum. All of the teeth are original. This specimen has never been molded or cast, representing a significant opportunity. A very important specimen.
Measures 39 inches

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