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A Danish/Norwegian Model 1774/1841 percussion conversion rifle
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10 June 2013, 10:00 PDT
California, San Francisco

Sold for US$374.40 inc. premium

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A Danish/Norwegian Model 1774/1841 percussion conversion rifle

The 40 inch .72 caliber rifled barrel with large fore-sight and adjustable rear sight, the breech marked with a crown over K and with 559- on the tang. Rounded doglock reconverted to flintlock. Heavy brass furniture, many parts bearing the same serial number as the barrel tang. Replaced walnut stock. Together with a British Land Pattern socket bayonet by Hill & Co.
Condition: Very good as reconverted and re-stocked, some replaced screws.
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Note: As part of a union with Denmark until 1814, the Norwegian government 'inherited' a number of obsolete weapons from the Danes. During the 19th century a number of improvements were utilized, including a Swedish form of doglock percussion conversion, rifled barrels and eventually installation of a pillar breech-loading system in 1851.
Thanks to the website 'Norwegian Military Small Arms & Blades' for this information.

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