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Lot 308
Chokwe Chief's Throne, Angola
12 May 2012, 13:00 EDT
New York

US$12,000 - US$18,000

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Chokwe Chief's Throne, Angola

height 32 3/4in.(83cm)
probably Moxico school, strung with skin and carved throughout with numerous figures and masks; around the hemispherical chair legs is a bar, the front of which is decorated with a circumcision scene showing three figures carved in high relief; the forelegs are designed as female caryatids; on the bar a kneeling chief dressed with the fringed belt cikapa and wearing a cihongo mask; the side bars decorated with the reliefs of two antelopes or two fishes; carved on the bars a half-figure, a kneeling, a crouching and a standing figure; the reverse bar decorated with the relief of six turtles; on the bar two standing birds; on the reverse chair legs a female and male figure leaning; the crossbar of the back depicts the relief of a cihongo mask, flanked by another mask and by two antelope's horns; on the braces of the back are two kneeling female figures; the braces and crosswise bar of the back are decorated with carved linear motifs.

Private European Collection

Similar thrones can be found in the Museo de Etnologia in Lisbon, illustrated in Instituto de Investicacao Cientifica Tropical, Escultura Africana em Portugal, Lisbon (1885: fig. 127) and in the Danial and Marian Malcolm Collection, illustrated in LaGamma, Alisa, Echoing Images, (2004: fig. 37)

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