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Lot 271
A Tibeto-Chinese gilt-bronze figure of Usnisavijava
18th century
28 May 2010, 12:00 HKT
Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel

HK$200,000 - HK$250,000

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A Tibeto-Chinese gilt-bronze figure of Usnisavijava

18th century
The finely cast figure depicted seated in vajraparyankasana on a double-lotus throne, finely cast with eight arms and three faces, depicted holding a vajra cross, a bell, a conch and a vase, the other attributed now missing, adorned in a loosely fitted dhoti with beaded rims flowing over the throne, and and a celestial scarf, adorned with disc earrings and an elaborate foliate tiara encircling the high chignon, all inset with turquoise and coral.
12.5cm (4 3/4in) high.


十八世紀  鎏金銅尊勝佛母像

Usnisavijava is an emanation of Vairochana Buddha, the Goddess of the Victorious White Parasol. Her cult is particularly popular with the Tibetan Gelukpa sect. Stylistic elements, such as the double-lotus throne indicate a strong Chinese influence, whilst the iconography of the deity is entirely drawn from the Tibetan pantheon.

A closely related figure of Ushnishavijaya, dated 17th/18th century in the State Hermitage Collection, Leningrad is illustrated by M.M. Rhie and R.A.F. Thurman, Wisdom and Compassion. The Sacred Art of Tibet, New York, 1991, no.124. Another 18th century figure of this form was sold, Sotheby's Paris, 12 June 2008, lot 314.

A larger Tibetan figure of Ushnishavijaya, dated 16th/17th century, was sold, Bonhams Hong Kong, 21 May 2009, lot 1118.

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