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Lot 2305
17th-18th century
25 March 2010, 13:00 EDT
New York

Sold for US$27,450 inc. premium

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17th-18th century
Laced in blue with orange highlights and comprising a sixty-two plate koboshi bachi kabuto lacquered red and surmounted with a three-stage gilt-copper chrysanthemum tehen kanamono, the bowl fitted with a five-lame Hineno-style shikoro ending in small fukigaeshi, lacquered black, the maedate a red lacquered-wood crescent moon, black-lacquered iron hanbo fitted with a three-lame yodarekake; the cuirass a nimai yokohagi okegawa do lacquered gold and finished to a rough surface and applied with standing rivets patinated shakudo, the muna ita and the lower section laced kebiki odoshi, fitted with seven sections of five-lame kusazuri; chu sode; kote of mail and plates, some pierced with cherry florets; kawara haidate; shino suneate; black-lacquer armor box with gold-lacquer cherry blossom heraldic crest; no armor stand


Kozu Kobunka Kaikan, Kyoto

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