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Lot 1002
A Marilyn Monroe videocassette tape of rare footage of her circa 1942
4 June 2007, 10:00 PDT
California, Los Angeles

US$300 - US$500

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A Marilyn Monroe videocassette tape of rare footage of her circa 1942

A VHS videocassette tape that was transferred from the original film [which is not part of this lot] that shows the then-called Norma Jean Baker, aged approximately sixteen, with a number of other people at a gathering that took place on someone's front lawn, likely in the San Fernando Valley. The silent, color footage lasts about four minutes and shows NJ wearing a light blue dress as she mingles with others (including Grace McKee Goddard, her official guardian for a number of years), tries on a fur coat, walks around, and poses with the rest of the gang for the movie camera. Because this was copied from another source, a blinking message appears throughout the footage reading "For Preview Only." Also included on this same video is a portion of the 1964 documentary narrated by director John Huston titled, "The Legend of Marilyn Monroe." Because this is not a first generation videocassette, both the 1942-era footage and the documentary are somewhat scratchy and fuzzy, but the content is still worthwhile for a MM fan.
7 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 1in

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