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Bonhams opens its doors once a week so that we can assist you in appraising your property. Is it treasure or trash? We can provide an auction value valuation. Please note that due to space we have a limit of 5 items per person, however if you have more than 5 items, do not be disappointed, we want to value your items and look forward to viewing and sharing your collection.

If you are unable to attend the auction valuation event, contact us to book an individual appointment:
Joanne Barber +1 212 644 9001

For all other questions, please contact Client Services +1 800 223 2854

Items too large? Please mail or bring photographs or fill out this form and submit.

If you are interested in a Formal valuation or an valuation for Insurance or Estate purposes, or if you have any general questions, please contact Client Services +1 212 644 9001

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580 Madison Avenue
New York NY 10022
Tel: +1 212 644 9001
Fax: +1 212 644 9009
  1. Customer Services & Bids (New York)
    Work +1 212 644 9001
    FaxFax: +1 212 644 9009

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