Yiannis Tsarouchis (Greek, 1910-1989) Autumn 116.5 x 81.5 cm.
Autumn by Yiannis Tsarouchis Sold for £271,250

Art Market Review

Issue 7, January - July 2013

Page 26

Tsarouchis is one of the greatest Greek artists of the 20th century. He is often called the painter of 'Greek people' and he certainly drew much
inspiration from the working class youth of Athens and the Greek sailors and soldiers he met while he was serving in the Greco Italian War in the early 1940s. When the military took over in Greece in 1967, however, Tsarouchis was forced into political exile and settled in France. It was there that he met Dominic, one of his favourite models, who is portrayed in many of his masterpieces of the 1970s including 'Autumn'. This picture shows how skilfully Tsarouchis applied his familiarity with the themes and techniques of the Western tradition of painting – you can see, for example, clear echoes of Caravaggio and Velasquez – and blended them with his own very Greek sensibility.

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