Fred Williams (1927-1982) You Yangs landscape 1 1963
You Yangs landscape I by Fred Williams Sold for AUD$2,287,000 (£1,380,000), Sydney

Art Market Review

Issue 7, January - July 2013

Page 16

You Yangs landscape I which was sold as part of the Grundy Collection, is the defining work from the You Yang series which marked a major turning point in Fred Williams' career. He worked on this painting with special care and, as well as the normal preliminary sketches, painted a full-scale oil study for the final picture. Williams realised he was on the brink of an important new development and wanted to 'get it right'. This extensive preparation accounts for the richness and density of You Yangs landscape I without detracting from the brio and spontaneity of the work. From the moment Williams showed the You Yang paintings publicly, they resonated with their audience who recognised that they were seeing the space of the Australian landscape, its distances and its emptiness, were set forth in a new and startling way. Rightly they have earned their place as classics of Australian landscape painting. They established Williams' reputation as one of Australia's major painters, a reputation that has deepened with time and never altered.

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