An important fancy deep-blue diamond 'Trombino' ring,
The Blue Diamond Sold for £6,201,250, London A world record at auction for a diamond of this type.

Art Market Review

Issue 7, January - July 2013

Page 12

Blue diamonds are extraordinarily rare and over the past ten years fewer than thirty of them over five carats have appeared at auction worldwide. The famous historic blue diamonds – the Hope, the Wittelsbach-Graff and the Tereschenko - are believed to have come from the legendary Golconda mines in India and share a high degree of transparency and liquid fire. This diamond certainly possessed these properties and its flat, antique cut also suggested an alluvial Golconda diamond. It was mounted in a 'Trombino' ring made by Bulgari in the mid 1960s. During the 1950s, Bulgari has bought up many natural coloured ancestral diamonds from maharajas and nawabs as well as purchasing a fabulous collection of fancy-coloured diamonds amassed by a French dealer. The company soon began to incorporate these coloured diamonds into contemporary jewels of the finest quality of which the 'Trombino' is a outstanding example.

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