A rare, large Iznik pottery Water Bottle (surahi) Turkey, circa 1575 A rare, large Iznik pottery Bottle Turkey, 1575
Two Iznik pottery water bottles
Sold for £457,250 and £301,250

Art Market Review

Issue 7, January - July 2013

Page 4

To find one Iznik bottle of this type from the second half of the 16th century is very rare, but to come across two splendid examples in the same English collection is astonishing. The bottles were acquired in 1919 for £500 by Leonard Daneham Cunliffe, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, co-founder of the merchant bank Cunliffe Brothers, a Director of the Hudson Bay Company and a major investor in Harrods. Cunliffe, whose tastes were eclectic, but always with a great eye for quality, used his ever expanding collection of antiques to decorate his various homes, which included properties at 109 Eaton Square and a neo-classical country house, Trelissick House, near Truro, the contents of which were sold by Bonhams in July. The market for important Iznik ceramics is very strong and these pieces certainly did not disappoint.

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