Ben Walker
Ben Walker - Career Highlights


Ignition Spring/Summer 2013

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Head of Motorcycle Department London

He says: "I joined the Bonhams Motorcycle Department in late 2002
and there have been many highlights over the past decade as the department has expanded, and as the market has grown. So many machines stand out in my mind that choosing just three is very difficult."

The ex-Les Graham, Swiss Grand Prix-winning
1948 Velocette 348cc KTT MkVIII Racing Motorcycle
Sold: £38,900 October 2005

"At Bonhams we often assist the families of recently deceased collectors and enthusiasts with the sale of their machines. Sometimes we know the collection very well; sometimes it only resurfaces after decades away from the public eye. One example of the latter was the collection of John Logan Thompson, which we sold in 2005. There were many fine machines, most offered for restoration. One – a 1948
Velocette KTT Mk VIII – stood out, not only for its stunning looks but also because of its superb history – it was the ex-Les Graham, Swiss Grand Prixwinning machine owned and prepared for him by Reg Dearden, and believed to have been lost. The Velocette sold for £38,900 – a record at the time – and is now part of a fabulous collection, being ridden and displayed at some of the most prestigious race series, including the Bonhams-sponsored Lansdowne
Classic Series."

c.1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller
Sold: £86,200 April 2010

"I had read about these bikes, seen contemporary art works depicting them and even offered and sold replicas, but I had never seen a real example in the metal. At the end of 2009 I received a call from a New York resident claiming to own one. Moments later an image arrived in my inbox. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the attachment and saw the rusty but clearly recognisable remnants of an example. We had it flown to the UK for inclusion in our premier sale of Pioneer
motorcycles at The Classic MotorCycle Show in Stafford, where it sold for a record breaking £86,200."

The ex-Murray Motorcycle Museum 1934 Brough Superior 996cc SS100
Sold: £242,300 April 2012

"In 2007 a good client of ours advised us about the possible sale of
a matching-numbers 1934 SS100 'two-of-everything'. It had been sold
by Murray's Motorcycle Museum a year earlier and subsequently restored
to outstanding condition. At our 2008 April Stafford sale we sold it to an enthusiast and collector of exceptional machines. Last year the buyer asked us to offer the machine again. It sold for £242,300 to a man fulfilling a longheld ambition to own such a machine.
He promptly joined the Brough Superior Motorcycle Club and I wish him many happy miles riding the motorcycle."

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