A fine large wood netsuke of a tiger By Naito Toyomasa (1773-1856), Tanba, early 19th century Copper alloy Mon Dvaravati style Buddha  Thailand, 7th/8th century A magnificent Chinese blue and white stick neck globular vase (tianqiuping) with Ming style vine and lotus motif decoration  Yongzheng Mark and period

"The extraordinary price achieved for this magnificent vase represents the strong demand for Chinese imperial porcelain of the Qing Dynasty endowed with distinguished provenance. The rare vase exemplifies the zenith of imperial porcelain production during the reign of the Yongzheng emperor (1723-1735) and had been consigned from an impeccable source. Only two other examples of this shape are known from the Yongzheng period and they are decorated with dragon
motifs. Our vase, by contrast, was richly adorned with brilliantly executed blooms and foliage including lotus, pomegranate, peony, camellia and seasonal flowers. Quite apart from its rarity, it was a beautiful object. Little wonder it was so hotly contested."

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