Bonhams has established the reputation as a pre-eminent source for Native American works of art, attracting competitive international bidding and achieving strong prices across all categories. Bonhams is a leader in the auctions of American Indian art, including Southwest weavings and jewellery, baskets, beadwork, pottery, Northwest Coast and Eskimo art and artefacts. Record prices obtained at auction include $480,250 for a Pueblo manta (woman's shoulder blanket), $337,250 for an Acoma pottery storage jar, and $482,000 paid for a Tsimshian dagger from the Northwest Coast.

The department head has been in the position since 1983 and has built an international network of collectors, dealers and museum professionals during that time. The semiannual major auctions are complimented by a once-a-year Art and Artefacts of the Americas sale that includes both Native American and pre-Columbian material.