Eastern Woodlands/Great Lakes Art (49)
Lot 1233
Eastern Woodlands/Great Lakes Art (49)
US$ 1,200 - 1,800
£820 - 1,200

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Eastern Woodlands/Great Lakes Art (49)
Beauchamp, W. ABORIGINAL CHIPPED STONE IMPLEMENTS OF NEW YORK . Bulletin of the New York State Museum, Vol. 4, No. 16. October, 1987; Rogers, E. ALGONKIANS OF THE EASTERN WOODLANDS. Royal Ontario Museum, 1970; Brose, D., J. Brown, D. Penney. ANCIENT ART OF THE AMERICAN WOODLAND INDIANS. Detroit Institute of the Arts, 1985; Griffin, J. (ed.). ARCHAEOLOGY OF EASTERN UNITED STATES. Chicago, 1952; Ritchie, W.a. THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF NEW YORK STATE. Garden City, 1965; Glubok, S. THE ART OF THE WOODLAND INDIANS. New York, 1976; BEADS: THEIR USE BY UPPER GREAT LAKES INDIANS. Grand Rapids, 1977, 1992; BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, 20th ANNUAL REPORT, 1898-1899. Washington, D.C, 1903; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 045, 1910. CHIPPEWA MUSIC. Densmore, F.; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 053, 1913. CHIPPEWA MUSIC II. Densmore, F.; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 072, 1921. THE OWL SACRED PACK OF THE FOX INDIANS. 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