Pueblo Art and Culture (48)
Lot 1228
Pueblo Art and Culture (48)
US$ 1,200 - 1,800
£820 - 1,200

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Pueblo Art and Culture (48)
Brody, J. ANASAZI AND PUEBLO PAINTING. Albuquerque, 1991; THE ART OF THE PUEBLO. Lowe Museum, 1975; BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, 008th ANNUAL REPORT, 1886-1887. Washington, D.C, 1891; BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, 21st ANNUAL REPORT, 1899-1900. Washington, D.C., 1903; BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, 23rd ANNUAL REPORT, 1901-1902. Washington, D.C, 1904; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 055. 1916. ETHNOBOTANY OF THE TEWA INDIANS. Robbins, W.W., Harrington, J.P., Freire-Marreco, B.; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 056, 1914. ETHNOZOOLOGY OF THE TEWA INDIANS. Henderson, J., Harrington, J.P.; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 165, 1957. MUSIC OF ACOMA, ISLETA, COCHITI, AND ZUNI PUEBLOS. Densmore, F.; Roediger, V., F. Eggan (intro.). CEREMONIAL COSTUMES OF THE PUEBLO INDIANS. Their Evolution, Fabricating, and Significance in the Prayer Drama. Berkeley, 1941, 1991 (reprint); Pepper, G.H. CEREMONIAL OBJECTS AND ORNAMENTS FROM PUEBLO BONITO, NEW MEXICO. Offprint, American Anthropologist, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1905; Geertz, A., M. Lomatuway'ma. CHILDREN OF COTTONWOOD. Piety and Ceremonialism in Hopi Indian Puppetry. Lincoln, 1987; Bahti, M. A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN ARTS & CRAFTS. Tucson, 1975; Sweet, J.d. DANCES OF THE TEWA PUEBLO INDIANS. Santa Fe, 1985; Rodee, M., Ostler, J. THE FETISH CARVERS OF ZUNI. Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, 1990; Underhill, Ruth M. FIRST PENTHOUSE DWELLERS OF AMERICA. Santa Fe, Laboratory of Anthropology, 1946, 1976; Courlander, H. THE FOURTH WORLD OF THE HOPIS. New York, 1971, 1972 (2nd printing); Bertha. FRIENDLY PEOPLE. THE ZUNI INDIANS. Santa Fe, Museum of New Mexico Press, 1963; Parezo, N. (ed.). HIDDEN SCHOLARS. Women Anthropologists and the Native American Southwest. Albuquerque, 1993; Laird, W. HOPI BIBLIOGRAPHY. Tucson, 1977; Wright, B. HOPI KACHINAS. The Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls. Flagstaff, 1977, 1980; Broder, P. HOPI PAINTING. The World of the Hopis. New York, 1978; Voth, H. HOPI PROPER NAMES. The Stanley McCormick Expedition . Field Columbian Museum, Publication 100, Anthropological Series, Vol. VI, No. 3, 1905; Powell, J. THE HOPI VILLAGES: ANCIENT PROVINCE OF TUSAYAN. Palmer Lake, 1972 (reprint); Walker, W., L. Wyckoff (eds.). HOPIS, TEWAS AND THE AMERICAN ROAD. Wesleyan University, 1983; Goddard, P. INDIANS OF THE SOUTHWEST. American Museum of Natural History, Handbook Series No. 2 (4th ed.), 1931; New York, 1975 (reprint); Dockstader, F. THE KACHINA AND THE WHITE MAN. The Influences of the White Man on the Hopi Indian Kachina Cult . Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bulletin 35, 1954; Teiwes, H. KACHINA DOLLS. The Art of the Hopi Carvers. Tucson, 1991; Laniel-Le Francois, M-E., Wright, B. KACHINA. Poupee Rituelles des Indiens Hopi et Zuni. Musees de Marseille, 1994; Wright, B., Bahniptewa, C. (illustrations). KACHINAS. A Hopi Artist's Documentary. Heard Museum, 1973, 1994 (7th printing); Houlihan, P. & B. LUMMIS IN THE PUEBLOS. Flagstaff, 1986; Voth, H. THE ORAIBI OAQOL CEREMONY, The Stanley McCormick Hopi Expedition . Field Columbian Museum, Publication 84, Anthropological Series, Vol. VI, No. 1, 1903; Mails, T. THE PUEBLO CHILDREN OF THE EARTH MOTHER. New York, 1983; Underhill, R. PUEBLO CRAFTS Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C, 1944, Palmer Lake 1979 (reprint); Steward, J. PUEBLO MATERIAL CULTURE IN WESTERN UTAH . UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, Bulletin, Vol. 1, , Millwood, 1977 (reprint); Wright, B. PUEBLO SHIELDS. From the Fred Harvey Fine Arts Collection. Flagstaff, 1976; Harvey, B. Iii. RITUAL IN PUEBLO ART, Hopi Life in Hopi Painting. Museum of the American Indian, 1970; Highwater, J. RITUAL OF THE WIND. North American Indian Ceremonies, Music and Dances. New York, 1977; SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION ANNUAL REPORT. for the year Ending June 30, 1926 Fewkes, J. (1), Safford, W., (2) Laflesche, F. (3) KATCINA ALTARS IN HOPI WORSHIP(1). OUR HERITAGE FROM THE AMERICAN INDIANS (2). OMAH BOW AND ARROW MAKERS(3); Forrest, E. THE SNAKE DANCE OF THE HOPI INDIAN. Los Angeles, 1961; Highwater, J. SONG FROM THE EARTH: AMERICAN INDIAN PAINTING. Boston, 1976; Mindeleff, Victor. A STUDY OF PUEBLO ARCHITECTURE: TUSAYAN AND CIBOLA; Simmons, L. (ed.). SUN CHIEF, The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian. New Haven, 1942; Dutton, B. SUN FATHER'S WAY. The Kiva Murals of Kuau. Albuquerque, 1963; Grant, B. TAOS INDIANS. Taos, 1925; Kankainen, K. (ed.). TRADING IN THE PAST: SANDALS OF THE ANASAZI. Utah Museum of Natural History, 1995; Kniffen, F., G. Macgregor, R. Mckennan, S. Mekeel, M. Mook (a) M.j. & F. Herskovits (b). WALAPAI ETHNOGRAPHY (A). plus AN OUTLINE OF DAHOMEAN RELIGIOUS BELIEFS (B) . American Anthropological Assn. Memoirs No. 42, 1935 (A) Memoirs No. 41, 1933; WINTER AND SUMMER DANCE SERIES IN ZUNI IN 1918 . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology. Vol. 17, No. 3, 1922; Kirk, R. ZUNI FETISHISM. Albuquerque, 1988 (reprint)
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