Ai Weiwei (Chinese, born 1957) Bubble
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Ai Weiwei
(Chinese, born 1957)
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Ai Weiwei (Chinese, born 1957)
Bubble Executed in 2008, this work is from an edition, each uniquely executed
Sculpture (enamelled porcelain)
52 x 77.4cm (20 1/2 x 30 1/2in).


  • Provenance: private collection, Miami

    Published: Elena Ochoa Foster, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Ways Beyond Art: Ai Weiwei, Ivorypress Limited, London, 2009, p.48-49

    With the artist's signed photo-certificate of authenticity

    艾未未 汽泡 陶瓷 二〇〇八年作



    出版:Elena Ochoa Foster,Hans Ulrich Obrist,《Ways Beyond Art:Ai Weiwei》,Ivorypress Limited,倫敦,2009年,頁48-49 彩色插圖


    Ai Weiwei is one of China's most well known contemporary artists. He is a conceptual artist adept in diverse media, including sculpture, installation, architecture, photography and film. He is regarded as one of the most prominent cultural figures of his generation. The 'Bubble' is part of Ai Weiwei's creative research on classical Chinese artifacts and especially the investigation of porcelain, arguably China's most highly regarded classical art form. To thoroughly recreate the imperial splendor of porcelain, each piece was uniquely created in the former Imperial kiln of Jingdezhen. The town is famous historically as the capital of porcelain making since the Han dynasty. The gleaming, delicate glazed surface of each piece reflects the ever-changing surroundings, rendering each tone ephemeral. Each 'Bubble' takes on a life of its own. Bringing traditional craftsmanship into contemporary forms has been Ai Weiwei's practice since the late 1970s. Ai Weiwei has been recognized through many major solo exhibitions internationally. Currently, a retrospective of his works is traveling throughout major museums in the USA and Canada.

    "As to my porcelain-based works, the central issue is the issue of authenticity. What is real and what is fake or a reproduction? My porcelain works are the highest quality blue-and-white porcelain. Here is something packed with historical and cultural meaning. The works I've commissioned were of imperial guan standards, reproductions of the finest blue-and-white porcelain of the Kangxi, Qianlong, and Yongzheng periods [three different reign eras], which in turn represented the apex of China's porcelain tradition. During this period, there was nothing more prized. Porcelain production, collection and connoisseurship had reached their pinnacle, the peak of their cultural authority." (See Joseph Newland, Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn, Ceramic Works, 5000 BCE – 2010 CE., Office for Discourse Engineering, Beijing, 2010, p. 42)

    艾未未是一位概念藝術家,也是中國最知名的當代藝術家之一。他善於使用不同的媒體,包括雕塑、裝置、建築、攝影和電影,被視為這一代最重要的文化人物之一。 〈氣泡〉原於艾未未對中國古典文物特別是瓷器的研究,瓷器可以說是中國最受推崇的古典藝術。為了重新創造帝國瓷器的輝煌,每件作品特地在景德鎮的前禦窯獨創。這個鎮以其歷史而出名,從漢代開始已是製瓷的首府。每件作品閃亮細膩的釉面反映變化多端的周圍,無常的色調短暫地出現,從而像是被賦予生命。藝術家從70年代後期開始一直把傳統工藝帶到當代的藝術創作中。艾未未已在世界各地舉辦了許多大型個展,目前美國和加拿大各大博物館正舉辦他的作品回顧巡展。

    「我的瓷作品探索的核心問題是真實性。什麼是真實的,什麼是假的或是複制?我的瓷器作品是最高質量的青花瓷。這是擠滿了歷史和文化的東西。我所委託的作品是根據皇官的標準,是康熙、乾隆、雍正時期(三個不同的統治時代)最佳的青花瓷,能夠代表中國瓷器傳統的最高境界。在此期間,沒有什麼更珍貴的。瓷器的生產、收藏和鑑賞已經達到了它文化權威的頂峰。」(參見Joseph Newland主編,Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn, Ceramic Works, 5000BCE – 2010CE,北京話坊有限公司,2010年,頁42)
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