Producer Hal Wallis's working copy of the shooting script for Casablanca
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Producer Hal Wallis's working copy of the shooting script for Casablanca
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Producer Hal Wallis's working copy of the shooting script for Casablanca
Screenplay comprising both mimeographed and typed pages, titled "Casablanca" in type on upper cover and title page, additionally titled "Everybody Comes to Ricks E-27" in blue pencil at upper margin of title page, 170 pp, June 1, 1942, heavily annotated throughout in several hands and in type, in orange wraps with Warner Bros stamps, "Mr. Wallis" typed at upper center of cover, and "Master My Copy / Only / Must Keep" and "Basis 6/1/42 Rev. Final (yellow cover)" in pencil to upper cover.
Provenance: Christie's, Collectibles, December 15, 1989, lot 612; the Richard Manney Collection.

Casablanca—the classic that shouldn't have been. Based on an unsuccessful play, written and rewritten even during production, and starring an actor who had never carried a romantic film opposite the Scandinavian flavor of the moment, the film was not expected to be anything out of the ordinary. Its box office was respectable but not record-breaking, landing as the 7th best-selling film of the year. As time went by, however, the drama evolved into a timeless classic.
The primary text present in this copy is the mimeographed shooting version of June 1, 1942 with pink and blue mimeo revision pages dated from June 5, June 13, and July 16 1942 bound in; present also are 26 typed pages, dated May 22, June 9 and July 14, 1942, bound in. The blue typed pages from July 14 (pp 147-149 as paginated) are titled "changes in new ending," and reflect the final direction of the last act of the film. In addition to the original typescript present here, many of the mimeo pages bear typed annotations, corrections and deletions, and the script is also marked throughout with handwritten additions and deletions, including several pencil notations recording the actual filming dates of particular scenes. The title page and cover give no writer attribution, listing only Hal Wallis as producer and Michael Curtiz as director.
Legend has it that two teams of writers—the Epstein Brothers on the one hand and Howard Koch on the other—turned out revision pages throughout the course of filming, and it is likely that some of the typed pages here came directly from one typewriter or another. Hal Wallis is credited by critic Roger Ebert as the "key creative force" on the film, and this script is a living record of his efforts to steer the film through production.
This copy includes—typed, not mimeo—a version of the famous final line, penned by Wallis himself: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


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