A rare Wurlitzer "Peacock" type 850 jukebox, American, 1941,
Lot 440W
A rare Wurlitzer "Peacock" type 850 jukebox,
American, 1941,
£24,000 - 32,000
US$ 40,000 - 54,000
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A rare Wurlitzer "Peacock" type 850 jukebox, American, 1941,
playing twenty four 78rpm discs, with central panel decorated with a peacock which changes colour through a rotating colour spectrum foil mounted behind the panel, flanked by two bubble panels and with original veneer overall 68 by 38 by 26in (173 by 97 by 63cm)


  • The "Peacock" jukebox was at its launch in 1941 considered to be the jukebox of the decade and it was the biggest, the showiest and the most "jukeboxy" of all the jukeboxes. The machine was launched just prior to the US entry in the Second World War and it was to be Wurlitzer's last full scale jukebox before the war. It was almost as if the elaborate design of the "Peacock" jukebox was the final closing scene by the designer Paul Fueller.

    The most spectacular part of the jukebox was the centre, a shield of glass framed with rich walnut and two peacocks screened to it, the image reminisces the Roaring twenties was a great example of Wurlitzer's "romantic" period. The peacocks were translucent and lit from behind, the background glass was polarized and system of change-driven polarizing discs broke up the light to create an effect of ever-changing iridescence, never before or since have there been such a theatrical jukebox.
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