1949   Lancia  Aprilia 2nd Series  Chassis no. 43827271
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1949 Lancia Aprilia 2nd Series Saloon Chassis no. 43827271
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1949 Lancia Aprilia 2nd Series Saloon
Chassis no. 43827271
One of the most gifted automobile engineers of all time, Vincenzo Lancia did not live long enough to see his final creation enter production, although the exacting parameters he set out would shape what many consider to be the true ancestor of the modern motor car. Launched in 1937, two months after his death, the Aprilia set new standards in production car design. Vicenzo Lancia had specified that this new small saloon should weigh less than 900 kilograms, be less than 4 metres in length, seat five adults in comfort, possess independent suspension, be capable of attaining 130km/h (81mph) and consume fuel at a rate of 10 litres per 100 kilometres (28mpg). Faced with these challenging demands, the design team had little option but to abandon conventional thinking.

Presaging post-war developments, the Aprilia saloon broke away from the traditional 'three-box' layout and incorporated Vicenzo's specified all-independent suspension and hydraulic braking, while the unitary construction bodyshell and overhead-camshaft narrow-angle V4 engine were advances Lancia devotees had enjoyed for many years. Allowed little space to work with, Lancia's designers concentrated on packaging the drive-train as effectively as possible; the differential, brakes, suspension and wheels being assembled separately for inclusion as a single unit. Rather than being merely a styling device, the Aprilia's streamlined shape had been determined by wind tunnel experimentation, one of the very first instances of the science of aerodynamics being applied to a production car. This meant that despite having only 1,351cc (later 1,485cc) at its disposal the Aprilia was indeed capable of 80mph, while the advanced running gear ensured that it stopped and handled better than anything in its class. 'Mirror-image' doors and pillar-less construction ensured that for ease of passenger access the Aprilia was unrivalled.

A 2nd Series car equipped with the 1,485cc engine, this Aprilia saloon was purchased by the current vendor from the heirs of a deceased collector, who had owned it since the early 1980s. Finished in silver with grey cloth interior, the car is described as in generally good, original condition and offered with Italian libretto and Certificato di Proprieta.

Appartenant à la 2e série équipée du moteur de 1,485 cm3, cette berline Aprilia fut achetée par le vendeur actuel aux héritiers du précédent propriétaire décédé qui la possédait depuis le début des années 1980. De couleur argent avec intérieur en drap gris, la voiture décrite comme étant en bon état général d'origine est offerte avec son libretto italien et un Certificato di Propriéta.

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