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1975 Porsche 911SC Carrera 2.7-Litre Coupe Chassis no. 9115600452 Engine no. 6650563
€55,000 - 65,000
US$ 76,000 - 90,000
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1975 Porsche 911SC Carrera 2.7-Litre Coupe
Chassis no. 9115600452
Engine no. 6650563
The legendary Porsche RS resulted from the factory's realisation that the weight of its top-of-the-range 2.4-litre 911S production model restricted its development potential for racing. Therefor, it was decided to produced and homologate a special lightweight variant for competition purposes. The result was the Carrera RS (RennSport), which featured thinner-gauge metal in its doors, roof, boot lid, floors and even in the gearchange platform.

When the homologation targets had been met, the lightweight RS was discontinued but the Carrera name continued on Porsche's top-of-the-range model, which in its new, series-production 911SC form mounted the 2.7-litre, 210bhp engine in a full-weight, fully trimmed bodyshell. The tail spoiler was an option and its absence from this car only serves to emphasise the understated elegance of the 911 Carrera in unadorned form.

According to its accompanying Porsche Zertifikat, this car was originally sold in Italy with the following extras: Grand Prix White paintwork; black 'Carrera' side lettering; and a sliding steel sunroof. Recent works, carried out in the autumn of 2012, included overhauling the brakes and fitting a new alternator, wheel bearings and tyres (invoices available). Said to be rust-free and undamaged, the car at some time has been repainted in its original colour. The black leather interior in described as in very good condition and both the gearbox and electrics are said to function normally.

This highly desirable and increasingly collectible early 911 Carrera is offered with Austrian Einzelgenehmigung and the aforementioned Porsche Zertifikat.

Si l'on se réfère à son Porsche Zertifikat, cette voiture fut vendue neuve en Italie avec les options suivantes : peinture Blanc Grand Prix, marquage latéral Carrera noir et toit ouvrant métallique coulissant. Les travaux récents, exécutés en 2012, concernent le réfection des freins et un nouvel alternateur, les roulements de roues et les pneus (factures disponibles).

Réputée sans oxydation et non accidentée, la voiture a été repeinte dans sa couleur d'origine à une date indéterminée. L'intérieur de cuir noir est présenté comme étant en bon état et la boîte de vitesses et les équipements électriques fonctionnent normalement.

Cette 911 Carrera de la première génération, un modèle de plus en plus recherché, est vendue avec son Einzelgenehmigung autrichien et le Porsche Zertifikat mentionné plus haut.

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