Impressive Titanothere Skull
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Impressive Titanothere Skull
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22 May 2013 13:00 PDT

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Impressive Titanothere Skull
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Impressive Titanothere Skull
Titanothere sp.
Brule Formation, Wyoming

The formidable skull of this prehistoric rhinoceros-like mammal impressively displays the beautifully preserved original teeth characteristic of its herbivorous family. Expertly prepared, it displays most of the animal's original teeth. The lower jaw is original to the specimen.

Now extinct, Titanotheres (also known as Brontotheres) were ancestors of the horse, rhinoceros and tapir. These large-hoofed mammals originated during the Early Eocene and died out during the Oligocene, some 28 million years ago. The bony protuberances on their massive skulls are thought to have been used in intraspecies combat or as defensive weapons against predators. It is possible that they lived in herds.

The present excellent specimen was collected by Frank Garcia in the 1990's. It is mounted on a custom oak base. Measures 33 x 21 x 21in, including stand height
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