Steneosaurus Bollensis
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Exceptional Jurassic Crocodile
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Exceptional Jurassic Crocodile
Steneosaurus bollensis
Poseidon Shale, Holzmaden, Germany

Teeming with marine life during the Jurassic Period, 200 to 146 million years ago, in the area now known as Germany, the warm shallow seas supported abundant sea life including apex predators such as ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and the primitive crocodile, Steneosaurus bollensis.

The skull of Steneosaurus was very light and narrow compared to modern crocodiles, with large openings and a long, narrow snout. The nostrils were at the tip of the snout and connected to the throat by a long bony tube. Evidencing its carnivorous habit, it possessed countless sharp teeth, which were probably used to eat fish. A successful genus, Steneosaurus, ranging through South America, Europe and North Africa.

A rare find, the present Steneosaurus bollensis specimen was excavated by Bernard Hauff and ultimately given to the Hauff family architect as a payment for services rendered. Preparation of specimens
from this locality is arduous, as the density of the stone from the Poseidon Shale is similar to that of the fossils. Measures 54 x 18in
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