Tommy Watson (born circa 1935) Wangkamarl, 2003
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Tommy Watson (born circa 1935) Wangkamarl, 2003
AU$ 70,000 - 100,000
US$ 65,000 - 93,000
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Tommy Watson (born circa 1935)
Wangkamarl, 2003
bears artist's name, year and Irrunytju Arts catalogue number IRRTW03186 on the reverse
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
126 x 185cm (49 5/8 x 72 13/16in).


    Irrunytju Arts, Wingellina, Western Australia
    Purchased from Aboriginal and Pacific Arts, Sydney in October 2003

    Wati Tjilpiku Tjukurpa II: Stories from the Senior Men, Aboriginal and Pacific Arts, Sydney, 11 September - 3 October 2003, cat. no. 10
    Laverty 2, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle, 14 May - 14 August 2011

    Colin Laverty and Elizabeth Laverty et al., Beyond Sacred: Recent Painting from Australia's Remote Aboriginal Communities - the collection of Colin and Elizabeth Laverty, Melbourne: Hardie Grant Books, 2008, p.106 (illus.)
    Colin Laverty and Elizabeth Laverty et al., Beyond Sacred: Australian Aboriginal Art - the collection of Colin and Elizabeth Laverty, Edition II, Melbourne: Kleimeyer Industries, 2011, p.118 (illus.)

    This painting is sold with accompanying Irrunytju Arts documentation.

    Tommy Watson was born at Anamarapita, west of the
    Irrunytju and lived a semi-nomadic life in the Gibson
    Desert where he learnt bushcraft from his father; they
    made spears and spearthowers, shields, boomerangs and
    Watson learnt to hunt and traverse the vast expanses
    the arid landscape that had defeated the first non-
    Aboriginal explorers, Ernest Giles and William Gosse
    some sixty years before the artist's birth. During the
    1950s Anangu (Aboriginal people of the desert) were
    taken off their customary lands and resettled in missions
    and communities such as Warburton and Wingellina
    (Irrunytju) to make way for mining, the cattle industry
    and bomb and rocket testing. Many recollect the atomic
    bomb testing at Maralinga.

    Tommy Watson was among the first group of painters
    at Wingellina when Irrunytju Arts was established in
    2001. He is renowned for the chromatic range and
    intensity of his paintings that are created of 'sumptuous
    layers of coloured dots which ripple and surge across the
    canvas suggesting contours in the landscape, dry creek
    beds, plains and spinifex and tali (sand dunes)' (Knights,
    M., Irrunytju Arts, Irrunytju: Irrunytju Arts, 2006, p.72).
    Wangkamarl, in Watson's grandfather's country, is a
    rockhole surrounded by many caves in which people
    shelter during storms. In documenting this work, Watson
    said 'this place copy you when you talk (echo), that's why
    its called Wangkamarl. Wangka is Anangu for talk.'

    Wally Caruana
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