Contra Luz Opal
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World-Class Lloviznando Opal—"A Floating Light" Opal
US$ 15,000 - 20,000
£8,900 - 12,000
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World-Class Lloviznando Opal—"A Floating Light" Opal
Magdalena Mining District, Jalisco, Mexico
While some collectors may be familiar with fire opals from Mexico perhaps few are aware of those white or ice-blue based opals, which are often referred to as "water opal." A full spectrum of color dances from within the heart of the gem and jumps out of the stone three-dimensionally, almost floating above the surface. The local Mexican miners called the light-and-color dance "floating light" or lloviznando.

Lloviznando is derived from the Spanish lloviznar, "to drizzle". In the high plateau of Mexico there are frequently very heavy showers during the rainy season. When the sun shines through such a slanting shower each rain droplet reflects its individual minute rainbow as a shaft of moving color. Connoisseurs of opal agree this Mexican variety possess a certain limpidity, dazzling hues, fluidity of structure and a play-of-color which is unique and distinguishable from any other opal in the world.

The present stone is an extraordinarily fine example of its type which is uniquely fashioned as a sugar-loaf cabochon to one side with minimal faceting to the crown on the other side providing for as large a table facet as possible allowing for the inner beauty of the stone to be seen.
Weighing approximately 15.92 carats and measuring 18.5 x 18.5 x 9.0mm
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