Tiger Iron Matrix Backgammon set
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Tiger Iron Matrix, Jasper and Kascholong Opal Intarsia Backgammon Set
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Tiger Iron Matrix, Jasper and Kascholong Opal Intarsia Backgammon Set
By Konstantin Libman
The exterior of this finely crafted backgammon set is formed of carefully bookmatched slabs of tiger iron matrix from Western Australia. Over two billion years ago, when tectonic plates shifted to form the Australian continent, deposits of red jasper, chatoyant tiger eye and black hematite were forced together under great pressure. The ancient ornamental gemstone, sometimes called tiger's eye matrix, is the fascinating product of these monumental geologic events. The interior is fitted with a highly patterned jasper from Australia known as "Noorina Jasper". The backgammon checkers are formed either of white kascholong opal from the Caspian Sea, or black nephrite from Lake Baikal. The name kascholong is derived from Mongolian. It describes a translucent, white or colored common opal with a porcelain appearance, with similarities to mother-of-pearl—which is why it is also known as the "mother-of-pearl opal". The present high-quality material, originating in Siberia, is extremely porous and suitable for carving due to its hardness (Mohs 7.5), which is greater than opal and more comparable to chalcedony. This is a unique and well-made backgammon set sure to become a family heirloom for generations to come. Tiger's eye matrix box closed measures 17.5 x 8 x 2in


  • Offered in a custom-fitted box fabricated of exotic wood.
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