Taki 183, Untitled 2009 (148 x 196cm)
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Taki 183 (b. 1954) Untitled
Sold for £10,000 (US$ 16,728) inc. premium
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Taki 183 (b. 1954)

signed and dated 09 on the reverse
spray paint, acrylic and marker pen on canvas

150 by 195.5 cm.
59 1/16 by 76 15/16 in.


  • Taki 183 is known internationally as the name that launched a thousand graffiti writers. His original tag, which derives from his real name Demetrius (also written as Demetaki) and his home address on 183rd Street, Washington Heights, is credited as the first of its kind, appearing all over New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s. By 1971 he had been featured in the New York Times in an article recognised as the first to mention the emerging graffiti movement, but unlike many of his contemporaries Taki 183 eventually took a step back from the street art scene, moving on to life as a business man, husband and father. In recent years his name has become legendary, leading to a reassessment of his work and a much lauded return to spray can painting, with these works always featuring his now unmistakeable tag.
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