A Rare Fossil Bowfin
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A Rare Fossil Bowfin
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A Rare Fossil Bowfin
Amia pattersoni
Green River Formation, Wyoming

Amia are considered exceedingly rare in the Green River Formation, which is known for its spectacularly well-preserved aquatic fossils. Two factors are credited for the superb level of preservation of fossils from this ancient lake system: 1) the anoxic (free of oxygen) environment of the bottom of the exceptionally deep lakes which allowed specimens to fossilize before decay set in, and 2) a cold period during the Eocene which allowed dead fish to sink faster due to a less inflated air bladder. Amia pattersoni was probably a voracious predator that fed mainly on other fishes. The present specimen represents one of the largest examples to have been discovered. It is articulated so well that even many of the fin tips are present. With its massive skull and fine preservation, this specimen would be an impressive addition to any collection.
Length of specimen measures 46 inches
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